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It’s Friday and I’m still 99.9% raw!

So if you read my post last night you would already know what I had today. The only thing I didn’t manage to drink again was the carrot apple juice, which I gave to a co-worker. Then this evening I made myself a delicious shake again. This time I used my newly made raw Mexican spicy chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream. All I added to it was some fresh Thai coconut meat, and some fresh Thai coconut water. Oh my goodness was it ever so good!!! The key to this delicious ice cream shake was the fact that the ice cream base was made with Brazil nuts instead of my usual cashews. Wow! You got to try it!!!

As I’m blogging I’m making some more flax and chia crackers in the dehydrator. I’m going through those crackers pretty darn quickly since that is my “chip” of choice. I’m also planning what to make for my solid meal tomorrow. I’ve been viewing several great videos by Fully Raw Kristina. She is so adorable, talented, and informative. Just love that young lady. I’m also looking through several of my wonderful raw recipe books too. I have so many to look at! I’ve decided to make a fettuccine/pesto pasta using up the zucchinis and yellow squashes I have. I’d also like to use the fresh arugula I brought home from Trader Joes too. I think that would be the perfect meal for me tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Tonight was also exercise night. I did okay, but I’m still trying to improve on my energy. The main issue I’m having is “lack of sufficient” sleep. I still very relaxed, and very happy with my progress and the future. I really feel good about things.

Well, I’m going to sign off for now. David and I plan to watch a movie tonight, and get to bed somewhat early (even though it’s Friday). Then tomorrow it’s juice time, raw meal making, a trip to the Asian market, and Kitty-cat play date with my friend’s cat Muffin. I just know Samantha will have fun. Our Samantha is getting so socialized that she likes leaving for visits as long as she gets to come home afterwards…

So that’s it. Hope you all have a super evening, and a super weekend! Till next time.

Blessings! =)



I’m feeling so good about myself, my life, and my raw food reboot. It’s so nice to be back in this place and space in my life. Eating 99% raw food diet really feels and looks good on me. I’ve been very focused and disciplined – as I continue to drink mostly raw juices everyday with one small salad in the afternoon. Eventually I will add in more smoothies, and such for convenience. But I’m really loving this feeling. I haven’t gained back any of the weight I lost on the Master Cleanse, which means I’ve truly can keep that weight off and continue going down on the pounds.

Yesterday, as always, I started of with my green lemonade. Next up was a delicious apple grape (which you already knew from the post before). I have to make a comment about this though. I made the mistake of drinking two tall glasses in a row because I made too much. This bloated me and made me uncomfortable for a little over two hours. I should have given away the second glass, or saved it for later in the day. Anyway, I learned from that. DO NOT OVEREAT, no matter what it is! Later in the afternoon I had my wild rice salad, but I never had my carrot apple juice I made. I just couldn’t. So I gave it away. However, for dinner I made a superfood shake. It was very delicious, but it did bloat me some. I didn’t use any nuts or seeds, but I believe it was the coconut meat with banana – possibly. The shake consisted of coconut meat, banana, a few cherries, a few chunks of pineapple, cacao nibs, my raw fudge sauce, goji berries, acai powder, ice and water. Perhaps I drank it too fast, not really sure. I’m still trying to determine the bloat issues. Oh, and of course, I ate flax and chia crackers for snacks.

Today I have planned to drink coconut cucumber juice, a fresh batch of apple carrot juice, another rice salad (the last one for now), and of course my green lemonade, and the chia and flax crackers. I’ve made some delicious raw Mexican chocolate ice cream made with Brazil nuts. Maybe I’ll have that in a shake tonight – we’ll see. I’m planning on making some other dishes to have as my solid meal, and possibly start incorporating smoothies into the mix. We’ll see. I started reading Doug Graham’s book The  80/10/10 Diet. I’ve read it before, but this time I seem to be more intuned with the information. I may consider following his recipe guidelines for a week or so. It may be a safe way to incorporate more smoothies and such. My biggest issue is the bloating which comes from my IBS issues. I have definitely improved since I’ve started this reboot. But with each time that I add another type of food into the mix, I start to experience some light IBS symptoms again. So I’m going to take it slow. Hell, I don’t mind losing the weight, I need it bad! Lol!

Well, till next time. Enjoy your Friday, and have a great weekend too! I’ll write soon!

Blessings! =)

Reboot: First day to juice and eat 100% raw at work

Well, I did it. I got through my first day back at work, and eating a 100% raw food diet. I woke up this morning and had my green lemonade as always. When I got to work I drank some water, and then around mid-morning I drank my carrot, orange, pineapple juice. Boy was that every yummy. Then for lunch I ate a watercress and beet salad – the same recipe from Going Raw that I made for my Mom and I on Sunday. I really like that salad. Speaking of the salad, I did get a bit of indigestion. I feel that it was probably from a few things, maybe in combination, or just one or two of them. But anyway, the avocado, the onion, and the miso, I believe could have contributed to my bloatedness today. I know that the corn and avocado I ate the day before did not digest well as it was in my bowel movements this morning. So I have decided not to eat those foods for a while to see how I feel.

Throughout the remainder of the day I drank water, and ate a few flax crackers plain. That seemed to satisfy me just fine. When I got home I exercised and drank more water. Then for my last meal of the day I decided to have another cashew ice cream shake. This time I elminated the almond nut milk, but kept the banana. I feel like the  almond milk is giving me issues too, so I’m going to hold off from having it for a while. However, I did discover after having my shake that I still had some bloating. I realized that I was eating a banana with a nut-based food. Nuts and bananas do not exactly go well. So, I won’t be having that combination again for a while either. All in all I feel it was a great day for eating raw.

Tomorrow I have planned my three juices. The first, as always, being my green lemonade. Then next up will be my favorite watermelon and strawberry juice. I made a very large jar of this one. Then I have a smaller juice jar filled with carrot apple for a late day snack. I haven’t decided what lunch will be yet. I’m not sure if I can handle another salad. I might try something like wild rice, broccoli and mushrooms, but I fear that the broccoli may give me issues. Maybe I’ll just bring fruit. We’ll see.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great evening and a super Wednesday tomorrow. Oh, before I forget. Tomorrow I get to pick up  my freezer! I can’t wait!

TIll next time.

Blessings! =)

Reboot: Day 2 of raw foods intro with juice

So I think today will be the last day I use the term reboot, and use whatever title I fancy. The reboot, I feel, has been a success, and I am continuing with juicing and eating a high raw diet. Today I started my moring off with the usual lemon water, and then straight to the green lemonade. I’m really getting used to drinking the fresh green lemonade every morning instead of the old fruit smoothie I used to do. Then, I had a delicious pear, apple, and grape juice for my mid-morning fruit snack.

Because I went with my husband to the doctor, we didn’t get to have a lunch until very late this afternoon. At which time I ate a small avocado salad that included heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, zucchini, fresh raw corn, parsley, and I  placed it on top of a small amount of freshly bloomed wild rice – organic wild rice. I also ate a few more of my delicious flax crackers. So I decided, since I’m still full, I’m planning to have a dessert shake instead of another juice. Tonight I plan to have a raw ice cream shake and try out my raw ice cream with raw fudge, and raw nut milk. I can’t wait!

For tomorrow, since it’s my first day back to work, I plan to prepare two juices tonight, and some type of salad for tomorrow. I will drink my green lemonade in the morning, but will take my fruit juice to work. It will consist of pineapple, oranges, and carrots – yummy! For my salad, I have no idea yet. We’ll see about it later. Well, until tomorrow. Have a great evening and a great Tuesday!

Blessings! =)

Reboot: First day of raw salads and juice

Last night I finished the 3-day juice feast with a delicious combination of 12 large carrots, 1 red bell pepper, 2 large beefy tomatoes, 6-8 stalks of kale, 1/2 bunch of parsley, and 1 big bunch of spinach. It tasted better than a V8, and was so filling. So my 3-day juice feast was a success, and I couldn’t wait for today to come to start my salads.

So this morning I started my day off with the usual lemon water, and then the green lemonade, less the lemon. This drink has truly become a staple for me.

Today was a super special transition day since I decided to share my first raw salads with my Mom. I wanted to share my raw foods with her so she can see why I love to eat this way – and it worked! Today’s menu included the following items:

Kale salad (flat kale, tomatoes, dried cranberries, my seed mixture, and a light raw dressing)
Beet and Watercress Salad with Sweet Miso Dressing (straight from page 79 of Judita’s book Going Raw)
Raw carrot cake with a lemon cashew creme topping (carrot pulp, walnuts, dates, spices; cashews, agave, lemon, spices)
Flax cracker
Herbed Cashew Hemp Cheese (page 100 of Judita’s Going Raw book)
Apple-Grape Juice

In addition to this marvelous lunch (which I gave my Mom the leftovers), I made her fresh sweet almond milk, and my chocolate-swirl raw ice cream with raw fudge sauce. My Mom was so impressed with the spread, and truly loved the flavors – especially the ice cream. She wanted to learn more. So we spent a good hour or two just talking food – my favorite subject!

When I got home I had some flax crackers with nut cheese spread and some fresh sliced figs. Then I ended my day’s meals with a delicious papaya, pineapple, banana, honey and cacao nib smoothie. It was so yummy and filling. I just need to tell you, when I opened the papaya it had a swarm of sprouted seeds inside. At first I was shocked and concerned. But after reading several forums I decided to indulge, and I’m glad I did. The papaya was so perfectly sweet, it was amazing!

I can’t wait for tomorrow to try out some new goodies. It’s fun starting my raw food journey all over again. This time I’m more prepared, and definitely more focused. Till then. Have a wonderful evening, and a super tomorrow!

Blessings! =)

Reboot: Phase Two, Day 2 and 3 of Juicing

Day two of juicing went great. Once again I started the morning off with a glass of fresh lemon juice and room temperature water. Next I went straight into having the green lemonade. Since I had a whole extra jar of the watermelon strawberry from the day before I drank that for my fruit juice. Then later in the day I made a delicious green juice I found on FB from the Cleanse America group. You should check this group out. Great leaders such as Penni Shelton, Anthony Anderson (Raw Model), and many more have formed this alliance to help people get juicy and reboot for health. They provide support, recipes, and a lot more. So check it out! So back to the juice, I had 3 oranges, cucumber, 2 cups of spinach, and about 2″ of fresh ginger. Boy was that ever good! So finally, the last juice of the day was my old time favorite, carrot and apple. You can never go wrong with fresh carrots and apples! As for snacking, I had the usual chia and flax crackers, and I had a handful of some dehydrated mix seeds with spices. A recipe that I got out of Judita Wignall’s Going Raw book. So the juicy day went very well.

The interesting thing about Day 2 was, not to be gross, the bowel movements. I had a lot more activity there than I had had in days. I actually felt like the juicing was pushing out more of the garbage that has been left in my intestines along with whatever crackers I ate. Cause afterall, I’m still not eating enough solids to warrant anything major. So, the juicing is really working on the detox front. Weight is still down by 12, and energy is still way up. In fact, I exercised again yesterday, and each time I do, I feel better and better. So I know this is all working for me. I’m trying really hard to be disciplined without being obsessive. I can do that to myself. I don’t want to be afraid to eat, and I don’t want to think I can just sneak food here and there either. I want it to be enjoyable, and healthful.

So today is Day 3 of juicing. I’m starting out the usual way, lemon water, and then right to the green lemonade.  I’m not sure yet what I will have for my fruit juice, but I’m sure it will be something good. I’m working on my meal plans today, as tomorrow I will start consuming raw salads, and such. I made some nut cheese (recipe from Going Raw), and I have my crackers and seeds ready for snacking. I plan to make a raw carrot cake using the carrot pulp too. Part of this transition will also be preparing me for when I go back to work on Tuesday. Being off work has made it very easy to do the juicing, but once work starts it will be a challenge. I’m thinking about juicing the night before and storing it in a jar for the next morning. I need to have my meals and snacks planned so I don’t feel tempted whatsoever to grab something processed and easy. Even if it’s so called organic and vegan, doesn’t mean it’s not processed and not optimal. Once in a while is okay, but I was doing that all the time. That’s how I gained back the weight.

Well, I don’t know what the evening juice will be yet either, but I will definitely post it next time. Until then, have a blessed and juicy day!


Reboot: Stage 2, Juice Feasting

Well I truly did it. I completed a full 10 days of the Master Cleanse, and I feel great, successful, and empowered. I started my juice feast today, and so far so good. I started with a glass of lemon water at room temperature. My first juice for the day came from Natalia Rose’s book Raw Detox, called the Green Lemonade.This juice consisted of romaine, celery, kale, apples, lemon, and ginger. It was super filling and delicious too. The only complaint I have is that since it was my first juice I had a slight bit of bloating and gas. So I slowed down the drinking of it and finished it in about an hour.

To get me started for the next few days, I went ahead and cracked open all my coconuts, saved the meat in the freezer, and placed the water in the fridge. I made chia crackers, flax crackers, and spicy zucchini chips (a recipe I got from Judita Wignall’s book Going Raw. These are great snacks to have that don’t hurt your tummy, provide super amounts of nutrition, and they keep for quite a long time. So throughout the day I probably nibbled on about 6 small chia crackers, and about 4 small flax crackers, and a handful of the spicy zucchini chips. Yum-yum!!!

Later on in the day I had a super delicious watermelon and strawberry juice. I shared this one with my hubby, and I have enough for one more drink tomorrow. I love, love, love watermelon. It energzes me, and I never feel bloated or bad afterwards. Love that stuff! Next up was a delicious and simple juice of fresh coconut water and cucumber. Very simple, very smooth, and refreshing too.

For the last juice of the night I plan to juice a combination of kale, broccoli, spinach, and carrot. This will be like my dinner salad in a glass with super nutrition through and through. I’m waiting to make it because I’m still full from the other juices today. My tummy has shrunk from the Master Cleanse. Lol…oh well, that’s what I wanted…

I will end the day with a nice warm cup of tea, preferably senna tea to help with my continued detoxifcation. Tomorrow I plan to try some other interesting and yummy juices, so come back by my blogspot and check it out.

Until next time. Have a wonderfully healthy and blessed day!

Peace! =)

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