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A trip to Singh Farms in Scottsdale, AZ

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while again. I’m sure you are used to my slacker blogging by now. Lol…

Anyway, I had to tell you about the best “field trip” I have had in a long time! Yesterday, my friend invited me to go with her to visit a sustainable farm in Scottsdale, Arizona called Singh Farms. This place was something out of “Wonderland” I kid you not!!! The minute we pulled up I was in Heaven! Singh Farms is by far the most beautiful farm I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. It is laid out in such a creative and beautiful way, you can’t help but be in total “Awe!” when you see it. There places to sit and view, and many paths to venture through. There are a few animal pens that are also creatively setup – as if you were inside the page of a storybook. Plus lots and lots of varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and native dessert plants all joined together in this wondrous fantasy land called Singh Farms.

In addition to the beautiful farmland to walk through and enjoy, each weekend they have a different restaurant come and visit and prepare delicious gourmet delights using only the wonderful foods found on the farm to share with the public. It’s better than a wine tasting party! We had the opportunity to enjoy appetizing dishes from the chefs of the Phoenix Sheraton. We enjoyed hummus with freshly made pita chips, a fantastic salad with a delicious dressing, grilled eggplant, flat bread with goat cheese, and a wonderful pumpkin slice that was prepared with orange rind, orange juice, sage, and raw honey. My mouth, my stomach, and all my senses were in absolute Heaven! “Yes,” I did cheat and had some of the fabulous flat bread with goat cheese. You would have too! It’s all from the farm.

I got to meet a wonderful French chef and restaurant owner that helps out at the farm, Chef Aurore de Beauduy, of the Vogue Bistro in Surprise, AZ. She was wonderful and so helpful too. We plan to make a trip to Surprise to visit her restaurant and dine with her in the near future. Everyone was so nice and wonderful. It was such an uplifting experience. We were all so intoxicated by the beauty and fun of it all, we didn’t even care that the humidity was very high, and the air was super hot! It’s July in Arizona – Monsoon time, it’s hot! Yukky Hot!!!

Not only did we get to sample the guest restaurant food, we also got to sample the many different Artisan breads and butters that are freshly made on the farm. As well as taste some of the beautiful fresh greens and herbs. I felt like I was in a super candy store! It was incredible! I was so enchanted by it all, I brought home with me some fresh raw honey on the honeycomb, dried jazz cherries, some fresh spicy herbs, Artisan bread made with figs, and some herb butter. Now mind you, I haven’t had butter in three years, but this is real butter – made fresh on the farm, hand churned. They don’t use electricity here. It’s truly an Eco-friendly farm.

I was such the tourist, I took so many pictures just so I could share them all with you! I would definitely go back again, and again! I can’t wait for Fall to see what goodies they will have then. If you would like to learn more about Singh Farms, you read this review that was posted on the Yelp site. Singh Farms is located at Loop 101 & E Thomas Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. The phone number is 480-225-7199.

To view more pictures from my field trip, visit my page on facebook

Oh, I almost forgot. After finishing our great trip to Singh Farm’s we went to a nearby spice store called Penzeys Spices. The aroma alone will draw you in. It’s fabulous! I came home with some dried spices, and recipes too! Click here to learn more about Penzeys.


6 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work. If you get a chance, go to my web site http://www.convenientsolutions.us and click conservation tips.Live healthy and green,William Zaffer

  2. Hi. I googled Singh farms and ended up here. Thanks for this great, great description. We are heading over there tomorrow. We're very excited.

  3. Jenny,I'm so glad to hear you are going to visit the farm this weekend. I know you will absolutely love it! We plan to go again over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!!! =)

  4. stumbled on your blog looking for Singh Farms. Can't wait to visit. Loved the pictures. As for Penzy's, so glad you found that gem. They are based out of Wisconsin and are wonderful. I think I have replaced all my spices and seasoning with Penzy's products. I love getting their catalogs, always has some interesting recipes. Make sure you get on their mailing list.

  5. Penzy's is great! They have such a wonderful and unique variety of spices and herb blends. It's truly the grand candy store of spices! =)

  6. Hello I was googling Singh Farm and found myself in your space. Thank you for the commentary and photos and to others who posted comments, not only did I get the info I was looking for about singhs I also found out about penzy spices.Thanks again

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